About Us

IV Publishing is a not for profit publishing house known for transformative books on Islamic civilisation, community, spirituality and theology. We reach a broad spectrum of readers and offer deep and insightful views on various topics.

We publish contemporary titles by the most acclaimed authors of our time, as well as translations of classical works and previously unpublished manuscripts. More than a publishing company, we seek to explore the Islamic tradition in all its sciences.

We are committed to communicating the Islamic literature through our works that include precise translations of original Arabic manuscripts still relevant to people living in the modern era. As such,  the modern outlook of IV Publishing is authentically classical in its attempt to reproduce the timelessness of the Islamic faith through its diverse work; working towards enriching humanity.

Our vision is to broaden understanding and admiration of Islam’s sacred traditions, in a way that appeals to a wide variety of Muslims.

Our aim is to draw Muslims’ attention to Islam’s beauty and its glorious past by publishing relevant titles. IV Publishing is committed to the highest editorial and design standards in all its publications.